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Farnaz and Hooman's Wedding in Toronto

Farnaz and Hooman's Wedding

It's important to have closure in any relationship that ends from a romantic relationship to a friendship and should always have a sense of clarity at the end and know why it began and where it should be heading to. No doubts that Farnaz and Hooman's romantic and friendship as taking a bold step to seal their love with marriage!

Persian Wedding

Being a season wedding photography in Toronto, Studio Arash alongside with his team witnessed this historical wedding of Farnaz and Hooman held in Toronto. This wedding was one of the most organized wedding that Studio Arash has ever worked on. As a result of intensive planning which took few months and was coordinated by one of Toronto Best wedding planners. Wedding Pictures According to Arash, “I often advise and recommend to my brides and grooms on the need for wedding planner(s) for their wedding even if it is just for that day alone. And that’s been the reason that some of my wedding becomes award winning by IMAGE!”

Being an architect , Farnaz was gave attention to details specially when she was dealing with time and she was planning this wedding from months ago with her wedding planner and wants everything to be super organized. We started with usual things at bride and groom house while they are getting ready and she wanted most of her pictures in atmospheric nature in North of Toronto making her wedding and marriage that romantic climate of love as nature speaks of True Love and undiluted one indeed. Studio Arash, Still Setting the Pace!

Another section of the wedding’s ceremony took place at lovely place of Royal Ambassador in North of Toronto. On our way to the hall; we stopped by close by farm and took many berth taking images. their wedding ceremony was done by one of the best Officiant Ms. Simin Amirahmar and she made it so romantic and almost every one there so emotional.

Aside the Toronto one and only Studio Arash, a team of five photographers and videographers from studio Arash were involved in documenting the day. With such professional hands for Farnaz and Hooman’s wedding’s, what do you expect from the outcome if not perfection! Arash took many mind blowing images for the wedding. Everything in this wedding was organized and made the entire guest super comfortable. Lots of credit to Studio Arash Member, Hiva, Oleg, Zohra, Alex for an amazing job, Nadia for amazing coordination, DJ Ardi and his team for the Music, Alireza Firoozi for playing lovely Viloin, Hana Florist for beautiful Flower, and other vendor who helped to put this together.

We strongly believe that love assures our new couple that you will never be alone. Happy Married Life!

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