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Our Photographer

Toronto Wedding Photographer

Studio Arash has a unique and artistic approach to wedding photography.

Our talented staff of photographers use their background in photojournalism to create a distinctive approach to capturing your day unobtrusively so therefore the end result will be perfect.

Studio Arash uses a combination of traditional.

Non-traditional approaches and focuses on shooting your wedding in an editorial story telling fashion to preserve the memorable moments in a truly artistic way.

Studio Arash's Toronto Wedding photographer are respectful of you and the once in a lifetime beauty of your day.

Maybe Our images reflect your wedding in a way that does not look as if it was followed from a checklist and still we capture all the key moments on your wedding day.

Best Team of Photographers.

Studio Arash shoots your event in an elegant and artistic way therefore Toronto Wedding Photographer seamlessly covering the quiet tender moments as well as the showstoppers in the park or church.

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