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Shiva & Behnam - Toronto Wedding Photography

Updated: Mar 10

Rain of Love - The big day finally arrived !

It was exactly 3 years, 3 months, and 3 days ago when Shiva and Behnam met each other for the first time. A year ago, when Behnam proposed to his gorgeous lady, Shiva, they both knew that the best Toronto wedding photography studio - Studio Arash, was going to be the photographer for both their wedding ceremony and reception. 

The Toronto Wedding Photography Studio - Studio Arash

On The Wedding Day, we had rain in the forecast, so the bride and groom were confused and did not know what to do till they called Arash early in the morning, and he comforted them with words, said: “In the case of rain, we are going to use other options, but for now we still should stick with our game plans despite the weather.”

The typical wedding day commenced with preparations at the homes of both the bride and groom, eventually transitioning to a picturesque park location. Punctuality was emphasized from the outset, especially for Shiva, prompting the engagement of Toronto’s esteemed wedding coordinator, Nadia, from Nadia's exceptional management skills ensured the seamless execution of the event.

For the bride's hair and makeup, the talented duo Farzad and Bahareh were enlisted, delivering impeccable results while adhering to the crucial element of timeliness. The groom's suit, a highlight of the day, was crafted by the renowned designer Mr. Ceaser Biani, becoming a focal point of admiration among the guests.

The Sofreh and ceremony table, meticulously arranged, were entrusted to the expertise of a well-known Khoncheasal, radiating beauty as always. The heartwarming ceremony, led by Mrs. Simin Dokht, unfolded flawlessly, eliciting emotions from the attendees and creating lasting memories for the couple and their loved ones.

The wedding ceremony was graced by a couple of well-wishers. Shiva invited practically everyone she knew to the wedding: friends, relatives, and acquaintances, etc. She spent a tons of money and found herself a great big puffy wedding dress. Everything was worked out down to the last detail, and of course, she had Toronto Best wedding photographer lined up with his team covering the whole day. The fun and activities were just superb for all night and lots of credit to DJ Borhan for the great performance.

Top Toronto Wedding Photographer - Arash

Renowned as the top Toronto wedding photographer, Arash played a pivotal role in ensuring that every moment of the day was immortalized, adding a historical touch to the couple's special day. His focus extended beyond the main events to include the bridesmaids and guests, recognizing the significance of capturing these cherished moments.

Arash expressed his sentiment, stating, "Whether they're your sisters, best friends, or college roommates, your bridesmaids have your back at all times and have been there every step of the way, both during wedding planning and your friendship. It's only fitting to capture the moments with them by your side while you embark on the next chapter."

Studio Arash, through the lens of its skilled photographer, extends warm wishes to the newlywed couple, Shiva and Behnam, hoping for a life filled with joy and prosperity as they step into this new chapter of marriage.

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