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Luxury Persian Wedding

Updated: Feb 27

After 1249 Days of Friendship


Some believed that short relationship is preferable while other think otherwise. Whether short or long relationship before marriage, love conquers all. L.O.V.E is indeed a bound to true friendship and relationship. Ghazal and Nima’s expression of love was one of the most romantic and fascinating stories we have seen this year. I believed the would-be hubby or wife might be so close to you, WATCHOUT folks! Back to Ghazal and Nima love journey, they were a classmate at the University of Toronto and studied very hard to be among the top students in Canada's top university. It happened one day that Nima sold one of his gadgets to Ghazal (the stuff they use in medical school to do all research) for the full price. Since then, Nima who has fallen in love just found an excuse to contact Ghazal to make sure the product is working as well as conveying his interest in Ghazal. From that day, they start to do all the home work together and 1249 days later they celebrate the best day of their life together. According to Arash, a top best wedding photographer in Toronto, “This wedding is one of the best wedding this year so far base on Decor and coordination, thanks to Hooria from Rias design.” Rias Design is known for excellent décor and coordination. It is not just the name, the reputation is very high.

Prior to their wedding day, two years back, Nima and Ghazal have started to put together this beautiful day and in search of a wedding photographer for their wedding. The bride knew Studio Arash is Canada Top Wedding Photographer and she made Arash be in fully in Charge of all her photos and video coverage.

Studio Arash Still Deliver Despite the Weather

Despite the forecast of rain and being in the busy summer Friday in Toronto, it was almost impossible to make it to downtown and have all the beautiful pictures that Arash would always take and return to the hall for ceremony on time, but with accurate timing and planning, Arash and wedding planner Hooria, have the bride fresh and ready for the ceremony on time.

Toronto best wedding photographer, Arash in action and save lots of time at UFT since he knows every corner of the venue that was just perfect for wedding historical pictures.Arash and his team were just extraordinarily superb in the coverage of best wedding ceremony of the year,Ghazal and Nima.

It was a very touching ceremony as the MC was Ghazal’s uncle and he made it very romantic and touching. Arash said, “He could see some people were crying during ceremony”.

Special thanks goes to Studio Arash, Team Amir, Hovig, and Amir Firoozi for excellent production, Rachel at Rachel Renna for beautiful Makeup and Hair, Hooria at Rias Design for outstanding, planning and Decor, Ali Lag and Dj Franky for MC and Music and the rest of people who help to put this beautiful day together .

From Studio Arash, Happy beginning of a new phase of life and a productive family!

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